What about me

I live and work in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. I am a photographer at heart and a videographer for business (at heart too but it’s been mostly business these past years. Must change that.) I do workshops. I’ve worked with kids and grown ups. I used to host film camps and women’s retreat. I might do more of that.¬† I’ve been a french assistant in classroom grade 4 to 12 for the past three years. Core french is hard core. I think I’m done with that. I’m learning Italian and know some Spanish. It’s good to know languages. I love good food and cooking and gardening and traveling. I’ve been blogging once a week for a friend of mine (Deanne Fitzpatrick) for over a year and quite enjoy it.

So what good am I to you?

Well, I am a fantastic person to work with because I can do many things and I am pleasant (isn’t it awesome, the pleasant part). I’m not the bragging type but this is a place where you kinda have to do that. So without bragging I do good work and deliver in time. As far as business goes no project is too small and I’ll do my best to work with your budget (Nice, isn’t it). And, well, throw it at me, what you got, got something good, something worth talking about, something everyone should know, something that makes our world a better place. Need pictures, a video? Send me a line. What? You live somewhere warm and it needs to be done in the winter. I’m there!