freezing fog

freezing fog is the weather forecast this morning
looking out the window I can’t tell
maybe I don’t see it

invisible freezing fog

there is no frost in the window
but I know it will be cold
a different cold
the kind of cold that enters your bones

it comes innocuously
it doesn’t seem like its there
slowly, it enters
until your whole body is frozen

like the invisible fog this morning
who may wrap itself around the trees
without me knowing
I must be vigilant

I go out and put extra layers
I grab my camera
it feels extra heavy
what’s up with that ?

I find all sorts of tracks outside
I quite like the tiny ones
there is much traffic from a stone to some hole in the ground
local watering hole ?

I walk through the forest, I take my time
nature enwrapped in frozen stillness
the silence only broken by a crow passing by
I look at tracks, at trees

there is a heaviness inside of me
the fog is settling in



One thought on “freezing fog

  1. Magnifiques photos.
    La constance dans la beauté est toujours là.
    Les traces dans la neige nous rappellent que derrière cette blancheur immobile la vie est là.
    Tu capte merveilleusement bien l’essentielle dans cette belle nature.
    Je t’embrasse,

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