it’s a grey day
even undisturbed lighting
no contrast
it is quiet
the silence only broken by a passing car

I am visiting my mom this week
there is comfort in the layout of her home
my venue makes soft ripples in her daily routine
she is a woman of habit
sometimes it feels like she walks a tightrope
changes can easily throw her off balance

her condo is set in a new development
every time I come it extends
several for sale signs have been hanging for months
yet the buildings keep popping up

I look out the window
fascinated by the lives each of these building units hold
all of them boxed up side by side
coming and going
to work, to school, to walk a dog
each a world of their own

my mom has gone to church
I have been wondering about faith
the experience of the divine
I am thankful for my mom’s practice
it is a personal affair
one that fulfills her

in this quiet grey morning
I wonder about belonging, community, and personal journey
walking a tight rope
finding balance where we can

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