I came home from Halifax to find my beloved, hands deep in cherries
our four trees are extremely generous this year
yesterday evening we all got busy, picking and pitting several pounds
transforming some into pies, and flavoured vodka

it felt good to be home
as much as I enjoy visiting my kids in the city
there are few places I’d rather be in the summer time then right here
sitting under the willow tree
overlooking gardens, vines, and flowers
serenaded by bullfrogs, songbirds, and buzzing critters

I haven’t blogged for a couple weeks
there were a couple things that came to mind
but I was fully occupied with finishing my film
the trip to town had to do with this

I handed my project to a sound mixer
professional hears to listen and tweak
to make the most of my roughly recorded audio
with the time and budget that I was working with
I did what I could with the resources and knowledge that I have
I think Christopher made the most of my material (click on his name to see his website)
I felt thankful for his skills

I have many things to do this week
one of which will be to pick up my colour corrected film
another step bringing me closer to a full wrap

the garden is calling for attention
berries will have to be picked
vines to be pruned
Beckwith Bash to be prep
ongoing summer tasks

here are some cherries










this summer I am editing
for the next few weeks anyway
I am on a 5 months feature film challenge
3 months have gone by already

it’s an incredible process
I didn’t think about making a feature
a proposal came by to which I applied
the 1KWAVE
and here I am
more than half way through

wrestling recently with intro and ending
redoing narration over and over
trying to keep a rhythm for 75 minutes
create a thread
edit, edit, edit

thankfully I am enjoying the process
it’s exciting to see it come together

I took a break this week end as some of my babies were visiting
went to check out an abandoned house with the girls
was nice to be behind the camera again

first picture is my summer office
a sweet little trailer surrounded by apple trees
I love it

_Q9A8514 _Q9A8515 _Q9A8521 _Q9A8523 _Q9A8524 _Q9A8526 _Q9A8538