ends and beginnings
end of winter, full spring bloom
last week end was somewhat of a celebration of the end of a year contract
I was lucky to be trusted into making a series of short videos
wild edibles was one of the theme
I hosted a Wild Edible Event

50 some people came to the event
videos were shown
we took a walk around the property to identify some edible greens
I had made tasty nibbles the day before with the help of my daughter
spanakopitas stuffed with nettles, mini quiches with fiddle heads
two dear friends came to give hands and knowledge
they brought a wild pesto, some lambs quarter seeds salt
and several wild toppings for the pizzas that my husband was busy making in the clay oven

there was several nice things about the event
the amount of people interested being one
but also the ease of the whole affair due to presence and support of my family
my kids, husband and I are a unit used to work together
if in a pinch I ask for something to be done I know I do not have to worry
the task is carried out smoothly

it was lovely to have some friends around
who came with support
be it in the form of a projector I could borrow for the day
extra wild edible to be given to the participants
or home made kombucha to be served
friends who were happy to share their knowledge and add to the conversation
exchange of ideas, sparks of new interest

the whole affair reminded me that I am part of a community
as isolated as I sometime think I am
there is a network of people that exists
to be in the flow is only a matter of stepping in
be willing to receive
and happy to give

ps. here’s one video for you: Bertholet


Buster perfectly illustrating how I felt after the event




I need to focus

my mind is occupied by the biggest puzzle I have tackled

(in the film making department)

I have to find a story

among several collected gems

it will come, I know

for now

blurry, in search of focus

_DSC0011 _DSC0012 _DSC0015



end of april

another frosty morning
we woke up one day this week to snow
felt like Christmas
with the kids home

it’s been a productive week
a tea house was being built
lots of tasty food was made and shared
the kids were home

I got up early this morning
out before traffic and other human made noise to record sound
the birds mainly
a wood picker in the distance
a dove
an owl
and a frog
I think
a funny sound
like gloop or something
hard to describe

it’s a beautiful sunny day
it will be warm
I have a million things to do
all I want is to lay in the sun
and listen to the sounds of spring

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