February 28th 2016

sometimes it’s good to mark things down
when we first moved into this old farm house we found several calendars
nothing fancy
not much written on them
except for the weather and maybe some garden info
like when seeds were planted
years of basic documentation
weather in south Beckwith

there is no such thing as South Beckwith but I like the sound of it
technically it’s true
we are on the south side of that old dirt road
although for some reason my peonies always seem to bloom last

The report from Beckwith today comes from an old beaten down (but still standing) greenhouse
this past summer, sometime mid July, I planted carrots and a few other things like beans and peas
I was doing a test
seeing what I could harvest later in the season, say fall or winter

I’d met a woman who used her greenhouse for winter crops
brilliant I thought

Maybe sometime late August or September I transplanted parsley and swiss chard
early enough to get cozy

There is this hardy little lettuce called mache
which has a mind of it’s own
and seeds itself as it pleases
tender as could be, hardy as none
I planted it once years ago
it’s everywhere

It hasn’t been a crazy cold winter but I am please to tell you what’s up

with pictures

the all time star: Mache otherwise named winter purslane, miner’s lettuce, corn salad…
I am using it on a regular basis
incredible to find such tender green in the middle of winter


Swiss Chard, some of them died, some of them are coming back 🙂


Carrots:  I can’t believe it actually worked
I harvested a couple today
sweet, crunchy, I’m doing this again (I love carrots)
notice how the mache is all around it, it wants all the attention


Kale: I left a few Kale plants in the greenhouse because I know how hardy it is
I have been harvesting that green off and on all winter
It’s sweet to see how new leaves are growing on old stalk right now


Parsley: parsley is hardy, it did well
it will probably go to seeds as soon as the weather warms up


Lettuce: I like to shake seeds around
Some lettuce grew and lived, others didn’t
It’s a hit and miss affair


I would not bother with peas and beans
Carrots will do again
Kale, Parsley and Mache are a go
wonderful for ongoing fresh salads throughout the winter months
If you live in South Beckwith that is






February 21st

oh it’s been a while
weeks it seems since I wrote a post
once you get out of a habit it’s easy to slip away
there goes another Sunday

traveling, looking after my mom
coming home, settling back into my space, time, work
to get in a certain frame of mind
this morning I went for a walk

it’s a grey February morning
only a few spots of snow remain on the ground
it is warm and drizzly

I ended spending close to three weeks with my mom
exactly what happened is hard to say
a mix of loneliness, compilation of anxieties, blood pressure way of chart
when I found her I was somewhat distressed
my mama isn’t there yet
(there yet: to the point where one can not look after oneself)

first thing first I fed her
that is making meals
all sorts of healthy, nicely presented, varied meals
it was funny how most evenings my mama would say: I’m not really hungry
so I’d fry an onion, cook something up, make a colourful salad and place it all nicely on a plate
smells and sight makes wonder
appetite suddenly appeared
most times we’d freeze the leftovers
I wanted her to have a full freezer by the time I left

as the days went by we took care of the anxiety list
if you don’t suffer from that condition it is hard to wrap your head around it
and the list never ends
so I did my best
but I couldn’t do it all
my mama had to step up to the plate
I’m ok to be a crutch for a while but mama you can stand
and she did

it’s been two weeks already
maybe she was not quite ready when I left
but I wanted to be back for my daughter’s birthday
there’s only one of me and many roles to play
on the phone my mama voice wasn’t at it’s best at first
but day by day it improved
she’s getting back into her own routine
seeing more people
and picking from the freezer every now and then

DSC_0436 DSC_0503